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What is Altitude Preselect?

Altitude Pre-select

Altitude pre-select in an autopilot is a game changer for pilots, it helps relieve some of the task saturation when departing an airport. 
This feature is most commonly used for IFR flying but can easily be used for VFR as well.  When you are getting a departure clearance or climb out instructions from the tower you can store the assigned altitude into the trutrak autopilot. 
We have all been at the hold short line ready for takeoff when tower says, "amend the previous altitude restriction and now climb and maintain XXXXX". 
With the Trutrak autopilot you do not have to try and remember to level off there, once that altitude is pre-selected and the autopilot is engaged it will climb at 500FPM to the pre-selected altitude and level off in altitude hold mode.