The Future of TruTrak Looks Bright!

TruTrak was founded by Jim Younkin and Chuck Bilbe in 1999 and by March 2000 produced their first prototypes of the DFC 250 and Digital Basic Servo.

Jim had a history in the Autopilot world with multiple companies and Chuck had an extensive background in Avionics.
At the formation of the company Chuck was working on a personal project and Jim was doing experimentation with new technology in gyros.

Andrew Barker was hired as TruTrak’s first employee in September 2000. Very early on Andrew had pushed for the company to move in the direction of certifying a autopilot for the certified market.

Being told that it was almost an impossible task drove Andrew and the team to begin the process of bringing this product to market and working with the leaders in aviation to certify the Autopilot.

In the years since 2000, TruTrak has sold well over 10,000 autopilots and continues to bring out new and innovative products. The newest product release was in November of 2013, with the Vizion capitalizing on the success of the Digiflight II, but also adds features and improves user interface. TruTrak will continue with both product enhancements and new product releases which will add new capabilities and safety features.

Today, we continue to provide new aircraft to our growing list of certified airframes.
Currently we have the Cessna 172, 175, and 177. As well as the Piper PA-28 and PA-32.

Our goal at TruTrak is always to listen to the industry and provide products that will alleviate the needs of the general aviation pilot.
We will continually build the best product, partner and work together with other organizations, and improve the safety of general aviation.