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Carbondale AOPA Fly-In (Event Recap)

The Carbondale AOPA Fly In has officially been closed out and what an amazing event it was. A lot of major details came out of this past weekend pertaining to LSA, as well as some incredible aircraft on display.


Here are some of the major highlights from the event:


We received news at the show that the FAA is planning an increase for the max weight in the light sport aircraft world.

AOPA Senior VP of Media and Outreach Tom Haines spoke this past weekend and said: Great news out of the AOPA Fly-in at Carbondale,” Haines wrote. “In January the FAA will issue a notice of proposed rulemaking increasing max weight for a light sport airplane from 1320 lbs to 3600 lbs. And ADS-B rebate will be back again in a few days. More to come.”

EAA Chairman Jack Pelton announced in July the FAA was planning a weight increase for the class of aircraft, which is now set at 1320 pounds for wheeled aircraft and 1430 pounds for seaplanes. Pelton told the Carbondale event that the new rule "will allow you to fly in a 172, have four seats in the airplane, and fly 150 MPH.” 

AOPA President Mark Baker issued a statement in response to inquiries. "Over the past two years, AOPA has been working with the FAA, ASTM International Light-Sport committee and other general aviation organizations to improve and advance light-sport aircraft, including increasing the weight limit and incorporate new technologies like electric propulsion. The FAA has indicated it is on track to publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in early 2019 which will include many of the suggestions for improvement," the statement said.