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Autopilot Startup and Simple Functionality

In this video we discuss the multiple ways of engaging the autopilot once you have departed the runway and climbed to a safe altitude.

When turning the autopilot on you have two options, one is to push the circular knob on the front of the interface, or use the AP Level button.
As soon as the autopilot is activated it synchronizes to your current heading and displays this on the screen.
You can change your heading by rotating the circular knob and execute the new heading by pushing that same knob.
If at any time you would like to take over control of the aircraft from the autopilot we have the CWS or (Control Wheel Steering).
This is typically mounted on the left side of the yoke and provides quick access so you can seamlessly transition from manual flight and autopilot engagement.

Included with every unit are both Control Wheel Steering and AP Level buttons, and will be installed by your A&P with the installation of the autopilot.